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Psychedelic Integration Therapy

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Psychedelics can be powerful tools for healing trauma and so-called mental disorders that are considered treatment-resistant according to many conventional methods, and for exploring the outer limits of the human psyche and perhaps the universe itself, and optimizing creativity and human potential. I have extensive personal and professional experience working with and researching psychedelics since 2015, including work with indigenous and underground practitioners and legalized mainstream psychedelic psychotherapy and involvement with the Oxford Psychedelic Society, the San Francisco Psychedelic Society, MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Sciences), the Association of Transpersonal Psychology, and other organizations. I have also delivered lectures on psychedelic therapy, psychedelic science, and the intersection of psychedelics and spirituality at universities and conferences. Whether you are considering using psychedelics for the first time to heal your trauma or are a psychedelic veteran looking to better integrate and understand your experiences for lasting change, or whether you've experienced trauma or unwanted effects from difficult psychedelic experiences, I can help. 

I do not offer psychedelic therapy at this time and I cannot advise you on how to acquire psychedelics, and all decisions you make regarding substances and the law are fully your own. Should you choose of your own accord to work with psychedelics in whatever way, I am here to help you make better informed decisions, reduce potential harms and risks, and maximize the benefit you receive from them. Moreover, while I am aware of many common medical, psychiatric, pharmaceutical, and psychological contraindications for psychedelic therapy, I am not a medical doctor and cannot give you medical advice. 

In psychedelic integration work, I will help you process, understand, and integrate your experiences. If you are currently engaged in psychedelic therapy or ceremonial or recreational usage, I can help you learn how to better navigate psychedelic experiences, including times when you may experience unwanted or unpleasant things or feel overwhelmed. I am familiar with psychedelic therapeutic protocols and best practices and can help you with preparation and integration so that you minimize potential risks and, as important, stay with what comes up during the experience and allow the healing and realizations to unfold. 


While the majority of psychedelic experiences when approached with reverence and with a good mindset and in a good setting are positive and transformational, there are real risks to working with psychedelics. I do not believe the common trope that "there is no such thing as a bad trip." Psychedelics can cause real harm and even trauma, especially if they are used in unsafe ways and without respect for the power of the medicines - and sometimes this can happen even in the best of settings. If you have experienced psychedelic trauma or psychedelics have resulted in spiritual or other experiences that are unfamiliar, confusing, or distressing, or that have resulted in unforeseen challenges in your life, I can help. 


Additionally, though psychedelics can be very powerful and at times even result in a cure, they are not a cure all and still require us to make choices that result in changes in our day-to-day lives in order to benefit from them. More often than not, rather than curing our problems, psychedelics beckon us to more sustainable and healthier ways of living with ourselves, other people, and the planet, and to incorporate other healing and wellness practices and make needed changes that may be challenging. Rather than drug away our problems, they lead us to face them. Thus, I believe that integration work of some kind, whether with a therapist or not, is beneficial if not essential for most people who work with psychedelics. 

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