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Get to know me

I am a healer, religious trauma and cult survivor, activist, specialist in spirituality, secular humanism, and religious studies, American, CIS-gendered, heterosexual man. I have experienced both privilege and marginalization and although I do not have personal experience with all intersectionalities, I strive to maintain an unconditional openness and curiosity that creates a safe transformational container. I am direct, engaged, curious, compassionate, mindful, and relational in my approach. I am BIPOC allied, LGBTQIA2S+ allied, neuro-atypical and neurodiversity informed, ethical non-monogamy and polyamory friendly, and trauma-informed. I enjoy weight-lifting and fitness, meditating, playing guitar, writing, public speaking, and spending time in nature. 


I identify as spiritual, with a deep love for secular humanism and science, appreciating the helpful elements of religions and staunchly opposing the harmful ones. As I have deeply embodied multiple religious, spiritual, secular, and atheistic perspectives in my own life, I am able to support you in your chosen perspective and worldview without imposing my own. 

My Story

I grew up in New Jersey and have lived in New York, Illinois, California, and England, and I enjoy visiting India.

I have a BA from Wheaton College, an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary, an MA in Counseling Psychology from Golden Gate University, and I'm completing an MPhil in Classical Indian Religion (Sanskrit, Hinduism, Buddhism) from Oxford University. 


I grew up in a fundamentalist, Pentecostal, Evangelical Christian home as the son of a minister and became a minister and did missionary work in India. I experienced a rude awakening when I began to realize my religious beliefs caused me psychological distress and trauma, including severe anxiety, depression, and sexual repression. I left my religion and my life spiraled into a crisis as I lost my identity, vocation, and community all at once. Through years of therapy, healing work, meditation, yoga, and plant medicine work, I healed my trauma and rebuilt my life. I have done and continue to do the work of healing myself, and it is my highest joy and privilege to support my clients as they say yes to their own hero's journey of healing and self-actualization. I am a trauma survivor and career changer, and my personal journey of healing and self-exploration has amounted to a lifetime of introspection, spiritual exploration, learning, and a deep sense of fulfillment. 

Trainings and certifications include:

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Level 1 Trained

Psychodynamic and depth therapy

Relational therapy

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) 

Transpersonal Therapy

Nondual Therapy

Jungian Therapy

Psychedelic Integration

Mindfulness Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Couples and Family Therapy

Before going into private practice I worked as a mental health associate in an inpatient mental health hospital, a religious trauma coach, and a therapist at the Liberation Institute in San Francisco. 

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