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A holistic, intuitive, gentle approach to psychotherapy and coaching for individuals and relationships

Seeing therapy clients remotely in the UK and coaching clients internationally.

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Andrew Jasko
Individual, Couples, and Relationship Therapist and Coach

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Are you seeking a compassionate, trauma-informed, and transformative approach to individual or couples counseling or coaching that incorporates the latest research? Look no further. I am here to support you if you are feeling lost, stuck, anxious, depressed, disconnected, or hopeless. I believe that healing is a natural process that can be navigated easefully and gently, without emotional overwhelm, and that it's your birthright to feel happy, whole, and fulfilled.  As a former minister, author, and skilled, Oxford-educated therapist, I am passionate about helping clients on their journey towards healing and growth, within their chosen worldview. Let me use my expertise and experience to work with you and help you reach your goals.

I am an LGBTQIA+ ally, a passionate advocate for equity and diversity, neurodiversity-aware, and kink, sex worker, and non-monogamy friendly.

All of you is welcome here!



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My Approach

As a therapist, I bring a unique combination of compassion and directness to the table, with a holistic, somatically grounded perspective. Through the power of simple awareness in present-moment experience, I will help you trace distressing symptoms in your body, mind, spirit, and emotions to root core wounds and beliefs.

Unlike many approaches, I befriend and work with rather than against your fears, protective impulses, and resistance to feeling emotional pain and overwhelm so that you can be present with and heal your pain with a compassionate, calm, curious attentiveness, instead of feeling re-traumatized or overwhelmed in and after therapy sessions. I'll also give you tools to confidently face challenging emotions, should they come up.

But let’s be real, nobody wants to be in therapy forever. My ultimate goal is to empower you to reach your full potential and live your best life, not to keep you coming back for more sessions. My focus is on helping you achieve your therapeutic goals and make real, lasting change. So let’s make it happen, and get you out of therapy and back to living.

Psychotherapy Services


Holistic Individual Therapy to help you heal, transform, fully self-actualize, and accomplish your goals.

Devote Woman

Expert therapy on healing from harmful and traumatic religion, high-control groups, guru abuse, and cults. How to heal, transition, rebuild your life, deconstruct toxic beliefs, and rebuild a sense of meaning or spirituality based on your chosen worldview - secular, spiritual,  religious, or undecided.

Young Gay Couple

Life-changing relationship therapy utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy, Attachment-based strategies, and relationship tools. Ethical non-monogamy friendly 


Psychedelic experiences can be powerfully healing and at times challenging, difficult to understand, or even traumatic. Expert counseling to integrate your psychedelic experiences to maximize their transformative potential, help you make an informed decision about pursuing psychedelic treatment, or heal from and integrate challenging experiences.

Mosaic of Woman

Individual Therapy through the trauma-informed, somatic IFS model. We work with the different parts of you to resolve traumas and reconfigure your inner system, 

helping you live from your wise, whole, compassionate Self

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