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Couples and Relationship Therapy

We all bring our unique set of experiences, traumas, strengths, and struggles to our relationships. Relationships can be extremely rewarding and also uniquely challenging. Unfortunately, few of us were taught healthy ways of relating to ourselves and others, and we often enter relationships with little awareness of how our early relationships, experiences, and attachments impact the way we show up in relationships. Maybe you are struggling to communicate with your partner(s) and experiencing conflict, patterns of avoidance,  stonewalling, toxic or broken communication patterns, or difficulties opening up, vulnerable, or connecting. You love each other deeply but have difficulty connecting, or are experiencing sexual difficulties or dysfunction or differences in your goals and desires. Perhaps you are wondering whether to leave or stay in your relationship or marriage, and you'd like to see whether you can work things out with help. Maybe trust has been broken through infidelity or lying and you're not sure how to reconnect. Or maybe you're happy with your relationship but recognize some things could be improved. I'm here to help!

I approach relationship therapy from a perspective of Emotionally Focused Therapy, attachment theory, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), depth psychotherapy, and parts work (IFS). In couples therapy, I help you to talk openly about your fears, desires, and concerns about the relationship in a healthy way, through communication strategies that help you face and communicate the truth vulnerably while maintaining openness and empathy for the other person(s) so you can decide what's best for you and your relationship(s) and heal and grow together. 

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