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As a therapist, I bring a unique combination of compassion, gentleness, and directness to the table, with a holistic, somatically based, evidence-based perspective. We all have self-protective tendencies and fears that prevent us from being vulnerable and facing our painful emotions, past wounds, and uncomfortable aspects of ourselves. I will help you become aware of these tendencies and harness their natural strengths to help you heal, instead of attempting to brute force your way past them. Instead of being overwhelmed with shame or negative emotions, I'll help you approach healing from a place of calm and compassionate acceptance. Healing is a natural process, and by befriending every aspect of your experience with curiosity and compassion, we can unleash your inherent brilliance, aliveness, and wholeness to heal and change the way you relate to yourself, others, and your life. 

My approach is based on building a trusting, accepting relationship with the client and paying attention to the mind-body-spirit connection. I am informed by how we view ourselves in relationship to others and how early experiences and attachments impact our present experience. As a Level 1 trained IFS therapist, I am especially influenced by Internal Family Systems (IFS), depth psychodynamic therapy, and mindfulness-based approaches. IFS is an evidence-based approach that helps you gently relate to all aspects of yourself and your experience, including those that cause pain and suffering, with compassion and curiosity, and that avoids emotional overwhelm and re-traumatization. It also helps you access your own natural inner wisdom, clarity, and wholeness to heal and live your best life, rather than relying on an external source for healing and the answers to your problems and questions. Together we can discover new ways of being, thriving, and living with purpose and happiness. 

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